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Immerse Yourself in Healing

Founder and Owner Bessheen Baker and a team of interns will be accepting new clients for the first time in 6 years! Healing Clinics will be available multiple Thursdays and Fridays each month. Starting at 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., clients receive a thorough evaluation as well as any therapies that your team of naturopaths feel will most benefit you.

A day at the Healing Clinic will consist of thorough evaluations that could include BiologicalĀ Age Assessment (which tells how old your body feels), live blood analysis (looking at your blood cells under a dark field microscope), iridology (analysis of the iris of the eye), sclerology (analysis of the whites of the eye), voice analysis, tongue, face, and nail analysis and more.

Your day might also include forms of bodywork, such as massage, craniosacral, neurological organizational technique, magnets and polarity therapy, and therapies in the Therapy Room like the infrared sauna, color therapy, sound therapy, the Migun massage bed, and others.

If you are already familiar with natural health and want to dive deeper into the full potentialĀ of your program, this day will take you through a range of evaluations and therapies. If you are new to natural health and want to explore your health options, this day will give you a detailed assessment and suggestions for you to implement right away. And, if you are seriously ill and need natural health assistance, this day will give you the greatest care at an affordable rate.

Healing Clinic costs $200 for the extensive evaluation and therapies provided (this is a $360 value). Register in advance by calling (989) 773-3636.