… To help you find your way around the store

Why are there anatomy pictures under the shelves at herbs etc?
What's the difference between homeopathic remedies, flower remedies and naturopathic remedies?
Can I smell the essential oils before I buy one? Do you sell them by the drop?
What's this 'green drink' I've heard people talk about?
What's involved in a health consultation at herbs etc?
Can I take herbs with my prescriptions?
Does herbs etc. offer any discounts?
How much of an essential oil do I apply? Where do I apply it?
Do I have to sign up for the free classes that are offered on Tuesday nights?
What are ear candles?
Do you teach classes on herbs and oils?
How long are herbs, oils and homeopathics good for?
How should I take herbs and supplements? With meals? On an empty stomach?
How do I take homeopathics (little white pellets)?