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What To Do About Hormone Havoc by Amy Jo Howard, ND

Hormones are chemical messengers that signal changes in cells.  By attaching to receptor sites on the cell membrane or within the cell, they regulate        metabolism, growth, reproduction, and many other functions.  Endocrine disrupters are chemicals that  attach to these same receptor sites and interfere with the normal function of the reproductive system.

The most well known endocrine disrupters are the xenoestrogens.  “Xeno” means strange or foreign.  A xenoestrogen is a foreign, or unnatural, estrogen, and it mimics the human hormone estrogen by binding to the receptor sites and over stimulating the cells.  By altering our own body’s hormones, this disruption … Read More

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Super Immune/Virus Family Kits & Blood Type Immunity

Basic Kit

Check List
  Vitamin C
  Essential Shield or Thieves
  Silver Shield

Advanced Kit

Check List
Basic Kit Plus
Calc Flour
Crotalus Horridus

Ultra Ready Kit

Check List
Advanced Kit Plus
Relief Formula
Supply of Coconut Water
Probiotic 11
Ferr Phos


Daily Blood Type Immunity 

Type O:          Astragalus – 1-2 caps.

L-Glutamine – 1-2 caps. 

Type A Ginseng – 1-2 caps.

Noni Juice  – 1– 2 T

Morinda –  1-2 caps.

Echinacea – 1 cap 2x 

Type AB: L-Arginine – 1-2 … Read More

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Spotlight on Alumni…Barb Nurenberg

Barbara Nurenberg is a graduate of the fourth year natural health program at NITE and is a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor.  Her interest in natural health began as far back as she can remember:   she has always enjoyed the beauty of people, animals, outdoors, nature, plants, flowers, the sun, moon, stars, the rivers, lakes, oceans, the seasons… and that there was some sort of interwoven matrix connecting everything.  She says, “I just always believed it could be abundant health in all areas if there was balance.”

Before becoming a naturopath, Barbara’s career was in management and sales.  She was good … Read More

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Remedies for Viruses

Silver Shield
Silver Shield liquid has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic and disinfecting properties.  The colloidal silver in this product is 14 parts per million and is safe to take regularly.  Silver was used as a germicide and an antibiotic long before modern antibiotics were developed.  Silver naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

Protease Plus
Protease is an enzyme often used with meals to help digest and assimilate nutrition.  However, many organisms that cause disease have a protein casing.  Used between meals, Protease can be effective for breaking down the protein casing enveloping these organisms, thus … Read More

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Remedies for Immunity

Elderberry D3Fense
Elderberry has a long history of being useful for viral infections, flus, colds, and congestion.  Elderberry, itself, renders viruses inactive by not allowing them to enter the body’s cells then causing them to implode.  In this blend, it is combined with vitamin D3, echinacea, olive leaf, and royal jelly for added immune support.  Elderberry can also be found in the Sunshine Heroes Elderberry Immune chewables for children.

Zinc is an important mineral for immune system functioning.  In stimulating the immune system, it is antiseptic and antiviral.  It also has antioxidant and tissue healing properties.  

Vitamin D3
This … Read More

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Congratulations, 7 New Naturopaths

Seven new Naturopathic Doctors are to be honored at the November Graduation themed:

Resonate the Color and Beauty Within!”

It’s hard to believe it’s been another year, and as we close in on our 20th year of being the Naturopathic Institute, it continues to be an amazing honor to learn and share with so many great students and now, graduates.

This year’s senior class recently took the American Naturopathic Medical Accrediting Board exam and upheld our 100% passing record!  These seven amazing women have practices located throughout Michigan.

Kristina Boulis, Owosso, MI
Debborah Jensen, Livonia, MI
DeLynn Lake, Read More

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Brain Protection from Cell Phones

The Herbs, Etc. store is excited to carry CJ Radiation Free Earbuds!

If you read the fine print that comes with your cell phone, you will find that the manufacturer warns you not to put the phone up to your head.  This is because you are exposed to high levels of radiation from the phone whether or not you are talking on it.  Using a cell phone directly next to your ear exposes you to 1360 times the acceptable national standard for electromagnetic wave pollution.

The CJ Radiation Free Earbuds reduce your exposure to electromagnetic wave pollution by 99.9%.  They … Read More

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Dear Friends, In This Wordly Moment by Bessheen Baker

Dear Friends,

May your hearts find peace and time for rest as the end of the year and the holidays approach. We have been enjoying the fall winds and beautiful color changes. The ranch and the boys give us plenty of joy and awe as life is always in a constant state of change and evolution.

Just as each of our personal lives evolve from season to season so does the state of our beautiful world.  Sometimes, it feels like the total collective of humanity is in a rough and tumble adolescent stage with  moments of great leaps forward and … Read More

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