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Free Herbal Training Every Quarter

Attention all herbs etc.  customers, clients and friends of natural health:  Every 3 months, we offer a free one day seminar on our herbal products from Nature’s Sunshine and other great companies, including oils, homeopathics, teas and more.

The class is free, fun and very informative! Class time is from 9 am to 4 pm with a one hour lunch break.

Bessheen Baker, ND, is the founder of herbs etc. and the Naturopathic Institute. She teaches all the quarterly classes and fits more into your brain than you ever thought possible!

Please bring note taking material and anyone interested in … Read More

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Uttati Oils for a Calm Mind

My friends, ever since I learned about essential oils and their benefits for months after one single application, I’ve been hooked.  We use them for skin care, bathing, medicinally, perfumery, seduction, massage, first aid and even the laundry!  Please enjoy this special list of massage and relaxation blends designed by our Egyptian friend and founder of Uttati Oil, Raed!

Balancing:  Designed to reconnect the balance between the physical and the emotional.  Balances the right and left brain, harmonizes the energy centers of the body.

Deep Relaxation:  Deeply penetrating the tissues, this is a great one for diluting and using while … Read More

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Saturday Appointments Available

That’s right, appointments for natural health consultations and colon hydro-therapy are now available on Saturdays at herbs etc.  Jennifer Wilkins, NP, has extended her schedule to help people like you have the convenience of a weekend appointment.  Jennifer has a strong background in creative and healthy cooking, and she loves doing iridology and muscle testing as well.  This could be a perfect way to get that hard to schedule person started on a good path.

Jennifer would also like to encourage all clients of herbs etc. to remember that a 15 minute ‘Ask the Naturopath’ appointment can be just the … Read More

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Students: More Diplomas

Once you’ve graduated one program at NITE, the next one is even easier!  Below is a list of programs available to alumni with class and financial credits for  topics already taken.

Become a Doula: 1st, 2nd,   & 3rd year Natural Health Graduates, become a Doula for as low as $1350, includes 3 classes, and exam.

Massage Therapist become a doula: $1,750, includes 4 classes, exam and supplies.

Certified Naturopath become a doula: $1,070, 2 classes, and an exam.

Massage Therapist, to a Natural Health Educator: 6 classes and an exam plus books. As low as $2,925!

Doula to a Natural … Read More

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New Symbiosis Ranch Classes!

Learning to be a sustainable steward is now a hands on experience!  Welcome to the   Symbiosis Ranch!  In community with the Naturopathic Community Center, we are         offering summer classes on multiple topics.

Your attendance guarantees future classes and even more topics.  Students of the             Naturopathic Institute can use these classes towards internship hours.

Classes are from 9 am to 4 pm on Saturdays and Mondays. Please pack a lunch, plenty of drinking water, gloves for working, garden shoes or boots every time, note taking material and cameras are welcome. Each class is only $59 with a package special of $49 … Read More

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Alumni Spotlight on…Ann Cole, N.D. at Herbs & More

Before becoming a  Naturopathic Doctor, Ann Cole was a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  She was also frustrated.  She had come to a point in life where she had gained weight and was not happy with how she looked.  Her husband, Jason, had also gained weight, and after visiting their medical doctor, they were told to eat healthy and that would help them lose the weight.  Eat healthy:  what did that mean exactly?

Jason then attended a homeschooling conference that featured a naturopath as a guest speaker.  He came home excited with information about herbs and other natural remedies.  Ann’s … Read More

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Organize Your Nerves

N.O.T. is an abbreviation for Neurological Organizational Technique.  This is a therapy that allows your nervous system to restore its connection and communication with all the other systems in your body.  Usually, an imbalance occurs after a trauma, like an accident or birth, but it can also occur from being nutritionally depleted or exposed to toxins.  Developed by a chiropractor who wondered why his adjustments weren’t holding, you relax on a massage table while your naturopath holds, taps, or rubs specific points on the body to unblock and open those nervous system pathways.  This is a very effective technique to … Read More

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Live Blood

Look at one drop of blood under a microscope and see your own universe!  The Live Blood Analysis shows us your internal environment:  your red blood cells, white blood cells, food, bacteria, metals, chemicals, parasites, and more.  What we are able to see in the blood and the condition of the cells tells us about your immune system, digestion, your level of hydration, energy, key vitamins and minerals, and other health points.  This is performed with a dark field microscope, meaning that the background is black, and everything is illuminated from behind which allows us to see tiny details that … Read More

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Look at What we Offer!

Meridians are pathways in the body that correspond to the organs and distribute energy for the purpose of interacting with the anatomical system, transmitting electromagnetic current for healing purposes, and interacting with the external environment.  Different points along the meridian pathways are commonly used in acupuncture and acupressure therapies.  Just like an electrical power line, when a meridian has a disruption in its flow, it affects your overall health and energy.  The Meridian Clearing therapy is designed to ensure that every meridian is “on line” and its energy is flowing smoothly to promote balance and optimal health.  Relax on a … Read More

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Your Biological Age

How old does your body feel?  Older than your chronological age?  With the Biological Age Assessment, you complete a 12 hour fasting period (mainly while you sleep), then you collect a first morning urine sample and a saliva sample in order to analyze various aspects of your health.  This assessment takes note of your pH, mineral levels, energy levels, hydration levels, digestion, ability to detoxify, as well as major organs and cell structures.  Once complete, you  are given a colored chart of your organs, mineralization and toxicity levels.  We are amazed when 15 year old children have 57 year old … Read More

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