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Non-Toxic Bug Spray

Mosquitoes and ticks are bothersome whenever encountered, but this year, it has been reported that they are especially problematic. Be sure to pick up your Buzz Away products in the Herbs etc store to keep your outdoor adventures insect free. The Buzz Away line features products made with essential oils and other natural substances and are DEET free.

The Buzz Away Extreme spray, lotion, and towelettes repel mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, and ticks!  There is also an insect repellant just for mosquitoes, gnats, black flies, and no-see-ums.  For relief from the itching and pain of bug bites, try the Sting … Read More

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Cell Receptors: Site Cleanse

To clean off your cell receptor sites for optimal health and function, choose one essential oil for each week listed below.

Week 1:  Clove or Cinnamon

Week 2:  Frankincense, Sandalwood, or 3 Wise Men

Week 3:  Orange or Lavender

For each week, apply 1 drop of the essential oil you have chosen to the bottom of each foot one time daily.

After the third week, start back at week one and repeat. You may want to repeat this process for several months, then take a break. Doing this cleanse program on a regular basis will help to keep your cells … Read More

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Cell Receptors: The Bodyguards to Health

On each cell in the body, there are numerous receptors.  A receptor is a molecule found on the surface of a cell that receives chemical signals from outside the cell. When external substances bind to a receptor, they direct the cell to do something, such as allow specific substances to enter or exit the cell.  These  substances can be neurotransmitters, hormones, pharmaceutical drugs, or toxins

Numerous receptor types are found on a typical cell. Each type is linked to a specific biochemical pathway, and binds only to certain shapes, similarly to how locks require specifically shaped keys to open.

Some … Read More

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Non-Toxic Female Products

A huge contributing factor to the increase in hormone imbalance is the petrochemicals we are exposed to in the environment.  Petrochemicals are found in plastics, microchips, pharmaceutical drugs, soaps, perfumes, clothing, and even our foods!  To give you an idea of how detrimental this exposure is, consider this:  Studies have been done on animals exposed to petrochemicals from toxic spills into lakes and areas downstream of sewage plants, and a majority of these animal populations  experienced difficulty reproducing.

Now, as a woman, imagine that you are exposed to this toxicity regularly, every month in addition to any other exposure from … Read More

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Plastics, Petrochemicals, and Hormones

Do you have any of these symptoms or know someone who does?  Allergies?  Thyroid imbalance?  Depression?  Foggy thinking?  Headaches?  Gallbladder issues?

Do you know that all of these health conditions can be contributed to estrogen dominance?  That’s right, too much estrogen.  And, how do you get too much estrogen?  Stress, nutritional deficiencies, synthetic estrogen medications, and substances from our environment.

Petrochemicals, most notably found in plastics, have the ability to mimic natural estrogen in the body, and these compounds, known as xeno-estrogens, accumulate in the fat tissue and are difficult to release.  They are taken up by the body’s estrogen … Read More

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Institute Lab Now Open to Students!

NITE Students: pack up your clients, turn on some relaxing tunes in the van, and make your way here for a day in the “Lab.”

The “Lab” is the room at the Institute where naturopaths can do a Biological Age Assessment, Live Blood Analysis, Voice Analysis, and take Iridology photos for their clients.  This allows them to collect a lot of information regarding their client’s health.

Beginning  in August  on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the Lab is for rent!

This will enable you, NITE students, to bring 4 of your clients and have one of the naturopaths here perform all of … Read More

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