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Proposed Massage Licensure

The State of Michigan passed a massage licensure bill a few years ago, and they are now getting closer to putting that into action. If you graduated from NITE in the Therapeutic Bodywork program when labs were included in the program, you will be all set to apply for the license when it officially becomes available. We will let you know by newsletter. If you graduated before labs were part of the program, you will need to show your transcript and that you have been actively in practice. Although you have a 600-hour diploma and the state is only requiring … Read More

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Certainty in Uncertain Times

We’re here – 2012: this is the year that the Mayan calendar ends. Some people believe it’s the end of the world; others believe it indicates a shifting of consciousness; and, others think that the Mayans simply stopped extending their calendar that far in advance. Whatever your perspective, it is an interesting time. Lots of major things are happening. First, look at the weather. Spring? In January? In Michigan? Not to mention earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, and flooding all over the world. What about gas prices? What about the price of…everything? It’s all expensive. And, how do we afford it with … Read More

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Amy’s Top 25 Homeopathic Remedies

If I didn’t have a homeopathic kit and wanted to start collecting remedies to make one or wanted a few essentials to take while traveling, these are the ones I would start with:

Aconite: shock; fear; panic; illness after exposure to cold air
Apis: bee stings; swelling; shingles; allergic reactions
Arnica: injuries; bruises; pain; healing after any injury or dental/medical procedure
Arsenicum album: food poisoning; diarrhea; asthma; anxiety
Belladonna: high fevers; sunburn; delirium
Bryonia: constipation; influenza; migraines; grumpiness
Calcarea carb.: malnutrition; fatigue; obesity; connective tissue disorders
Carbo veg.: indigestion; fainting; collapse; chronic fatigue
Gelsemium: stage fright; influenza; diarrhea; general feeling … Read More

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Magnets of Healing

Our bodies are composed of cells, and each cell works like a magnet with a north pole and a south pole. The magnetic field of each cell, then, is responsible for drawing into the cell things it needs and for transporting out of the cell things no longer needed. Because of this, magnets can be used therapeutically to soothe pain, reduce inflammation, stop bleeding, stimulate healing, and much more. Generally, it is best to use an unipolar north pole magnet for these purposes. The magnet can be placed on the affected area, such as a finger or a knee, for … Read More

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The Importance of Iodine

Iodine is extremely important to the functioning of the body, not to mention that it protects the thyroid from radiation in the event that nuclear weapons are used.
We are just beginning to see the results from the nuclear plant leaking after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The leakage in Japan was actually 30 times greater than that of Chernobyl, and it is having devastating effects both on people, (yes, even here in the United States), and animals.

Start taking 2 drops of iodine (NOT potassium iodide) daily. The liquid iodine at herbs etc is bioavailable, meaning it is … Read More

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The Beauty of Silver (Shield)

Silver has long been used for its antibacterial properties and history of fighting infections. With antibiotic resistant microbes on the rise due to the overuse of antibiotics, it is reassuring to know that Silver is a natural compound that will help the body fight against bacteria. The development of silver nanoparticles, microscopic-sized silver particles that are less than 100 nanometers (a billionth of a meter) in diameter are so small, they are non-toxic, free of adverse effects, and do not disrupt or inhibit beneficial intestinal flora.

Nature’s Sunshine’s Silver Shield has been shown in independent studies to have broadspectrum antimicrobial … Read More

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The Backpack

“The Backpack” is an emergency supply kit to have necessary items that you can take with you should you need to seek shelter or travel in an emergency situation. It is a good idea to keep a backpack in your vehicle. Additionally, each person in the home should have a backpack suited to fit their size and strength. Although there are many things that could go into such a back pack, you still need to be able to carry it. Leaving sentimental items behind for when you can return is far better than carrying an heavy, overloaded pack.

The following … Read More

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“The Tackle Box”: Remedies to Have Ready

“The tackle box” is what we call our naturopathic first aid kit. In addition to a homeopathic remedy kit, the tackle box includes essential oils, herbs, and other natural remedies that are helpful to have on hand in first aid type situations. Here is what we would include:

Top 20 Oils
Basil—for insect bites; spasms; earaches; fainting, best to dilute before applying
Cinnamon—to purify water; anti-viral, fungal, and bacterial, even one drop will clean 1 gallon of water
Clary Sage—balances hormones; helps labor be more effective, especially good for woman
Cypress—circulation; colds; bronchitis; water retention
Eucalyptus—respiratory system; rub on chest … Read More

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3 Great Poems by Hafiz

It is not easy
to stop thinking ill of others.
Usually one must enter into a
friendship with a person who has
accomplished this great feat
Then something might start to
rub off on you
Of that
True Elegance

Dropping Keys
The small man
builds cages for everyone he knows.
While the Sage,
who has to duck his head when the
moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys
all night long
for the beautiful rowdy prisoners.

If You Don’t Stop That
I used to live in a cramped house
with confusion and pain.
But then I met the Great … Read More

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Preparing the Mind and Spirit

The surest way to cultivate certainty at any time is to find your inner quiet. By accessing our inner quiet on a regular basis, you can tap into that calm and clarity when needed, whether it is just a stressful “normal” day or whether there is a real disaster or crisis. Many people achieve this through meditation. Meditation does not have to mean sitting for hours on end in some uncomfortable cross-legged position, chanting. Meditation is different for everyone. Start by finding a quiet space, free from interruption. Sit comfortably, relax your muscles, focus on your breathing, and observe your … Read More

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