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Natural, Non-Invasive methods to Evaluate Your Health

In the field of natural health, we are looking for the root cause of an illness. To find it, we do not run expensive tests that require you to be exposed to radiation, or that stop the spin of your natural electromagnetic field, or that require you to swallow poisonous liquids.

Our bodies are constantly giving us information about how well they are functioning, and they give us signs when we are out of balance. Every “symptom” is a sign; for example, headaches, pains, marks on the skin, red lines in the whites of the eye—they are all signs. A … Read More

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Beauty is a Big Deal

Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, and it absorbs what it contacts, including hair products, deodorants, and lotions. If these products have chemical ingredients, they are absorbed into the body, and because they cannot be broken down, they remain in the body as toxins which can detrimentally affect the liver, the spleen, the nerves, and other areas. For example, most deodorants contain aluminum, a heavy metal, which prevents your body from sweating. Sweating is a natural way that the body releases toxins and other waste materials. When these wastes cannot be released, they clog the lymphatic system, … Read More

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Do You Really Want to Lower Your Cholesterol

Many people are being told that their cholesterol levels are too high, and then, they are prescribed a medication (man-made drug) to lower it. Do you really want to lower your cholesterol? Cholesterol is manufactured by the body as well as obtained from the nutrition we eat. Cholesterol is needed by the body to manufacture hormones and perform other functions. Cholesterol only becomes a problem when it sticks to arteries, and it only sticks to arteries when they have been scarred (usually, from drinking chlorinated water). There are many ways to keep your cholesterol levels naturally healthy. High triglyceride levels … Read More

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Health, Sweet Health

Nutrition is a huge area for us to make healthy, conscious choices. The more we choose to
eat unprocessed, unrefined, real, fresh, and organic foods the healthier we will be.

However, let’s highlight the dangers of false sweeteners. These show up in the forms of high fructose corn syrup, splenda (which is more chemically similar to chlorine than sugar), aspartame, nutrasweet, acesulfame-K, and even other names. Some products that you might find these in include diet pop, processed foods, and any low-fat, low sugar products.
These false sweeteners are highly toxic to the nervous system and are very addictive.
They … Read More

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Prescription for Improving Health

Prescription medications are man-made drugs and have many dangerous side effects. They also do not aid the body in finding balance; they force the body to work against itself to prevent certain symptoms from occurring. Well, those symptoms are a sign for you to listen to your body and help it regain balance. Many people search out natural alternatives to prescription medications. For example, good fats, like fish oil, flaxseed oil, and butter, are one of the best ways to naturally lower your cholesterol. A combination of B vitamins, magnesium, and amino Prescription medications are man-made drugs and have many … Read More

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What Does Your Water Wear?

Is your water wearing plastic? Maybe, it is time for a makeover. Plastics are created using
petroleum. The FDA admits that, regarding plastic containers, something will always leach
out of the container and into the food or water.

They approve plastic containers, because they consider what is a safe amount of exposure to the leaching chemicals over a lifetime. How do they calculate that, and is any amount of exposure really safe? Plastics also contain Bisphenol A which is a xenoestrogen. This
acts just like estrogen in the body, except it’s foreign (xeno=foreign). Thus, this
chemical disrupts the body’s natural … Read More

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Take a Shot at Something Natural: Vaccine Choices

The idea that one has to get a vaccine or suffer terrible consequences, like contracting a horrible disease, putting others at risk, or even dying is one of the worst fear based, ignorant notions with which we are faced. This is an especially stressful choice for new parents who are pressured into vaccinating their minutes-old baby and who are mistakenly told that their child cannot start school without having had their vaccinations.
Dr. Tenpenny, whose DVD’s are available in the herbs etc store, has done research using CDC statistics to disprove these claims and many other claims regarding vaccines and … Read More

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How Your Hair Can Help Your Health

Hair tissue mineral analysis is a non-invasive method of determining your levels of minerals and also the levels of toxic elements in your body. These levels help you and your naturopath to determine which areas of your body are out of balance, which areas are holding toxins or stress, where those stressors might be originating from, and what your
metabolic type is. As hair grows, it is exposed to the internal environment of the body,
including blood, lymph, and extracellular fluids. As hair continues to grow and reaches the surface of the skin, its outer layers harden, locking in the … Read More

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It Is Your Choice

Choices. Maybe, you’ve heard the phrase, “You are what you eat?” Ultimately, we are what we choose. Every moment of every day, we are making a choice. We choose what time to get up in the morning, what clothes to wear, what to eat for breakfast, the route we drive to work, where we work, and on and on. Also, we are what we choose to think. If we choose to think that we are healthy, we will make choices that support and reflect that thought. However, if we choose to believe that we are unhealthy, or that we are … Read More

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