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Toning For Summer

After all the spring cleaning, the warm weather comes, rewarding us with trips to
the beach and other outdoor activities. If you want to tone your body for summer to
be fit enough to participate in the softball game or not wear your cover-up all day at
the beach, here are some nutritional tips and safe, natural supplements to get you
on your way.

First, eat breakfast. Break the fast that your body has been in all night and give
your metabolism some kindling to get its fire burning! Also, aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of … Read More

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Trace Your Meridians to Improve Your Health

If you’ve ever heard of acupuncture, then you may understand that there are certain points on the body that correspond to different organs. There are actually A LOT of points, and when certain points are connected, they form a meridian: an energy pathway for the particular organ with which it corresponds. Think of it like a power line. And, what
happens when the power line is down? That’s right, no energy!, So, by using our fingers to “trace” these meridian lines or energy pathways, we can make sure that the power lines are up, and our organs have the energy … Read More

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